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The roof framing and sheathing
are now 1/2 installed.
It is really beginning to look
like something.

The doors, and windows have been
installed, and grading is ready
for the deck footers.

The deck is constructed complete
with railing, flooring, and stairs.

In addition to all the work that is taking
place on the outside, there is also work
happening on the interior of the existing
house. This wall will be removed, and new
dividing columns will be installed making
the existing sitting area feel larger.

The plaster has been torn away
revealing a few surprise ducts.

The sitting area dividing wall is
nearly complete. It is painted,
and the trim is installed.

The siding is installed,
the yard has been graded, and seeded.
Now the main focus turns to the
interiors finishes. There is
still a lot of work yet to be done.

This pretty much covers the look
of the interior. The framing members
are all exposed, plywood serves as
the floor, and the electrical is
being installed.

All the drywall has been
installed and taped.

The master bedroom on the
2nd floor has the drywall
installed as well.
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