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One of our finish carpenters is
setting nails on some upstairs
window trim.

Another carpenter is cutting a piece
of the base molding on the main floor.

Upstairs in the new Master Bedroom,
the trim has been installed, the doors
have been hung, and the walls have
been painted.

Oak floors (the real old time stuff)
will be installed in over 80% of the
project. The remaining floors are
ceramic tile, and sheet goods.

The oak floors are down, the walls
are painted, and the ceiling fan is
swinging in the master bedroom.

The finish has been applied to the
floors. This project is really
coming along now. Kitchen cabinets,
built-ins, and electrical and plumbing
fixtures are all that remains.

The oak Kitchen Cabinets have
arrived and are being installed.

The ceramic tile in the
mudd room is being
set in the mud.

The cabinets have been set.
It is now time to measure and
order the granite countertops.

In addition to the Oak Kitchen Cabinets,
there is also custom built-ins being
fabricated in our own cabinet shop
for the dining room. Here a finisher is
spraying clear lacquer over the painted
exterior, and natural oak interior.
"A unique finish".
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